about me

I have been designing and creating since as far back as I can remember.  My parents, bless them, fed my art supply habit incessantly.  At 16 they let me decorate and design the landscape of our new home.  In hindsight it probably wasn't a design career high but we all start somewhere.  One thing led to another and I ended up eventually attending several different art schools, The Academy of Art, the Fashion Institute of Technology, Parson's School of Design and the New York School for Interior Design, to name a few.


In 1992 I officially opened Scott Dolphin Studio.


I'm a sucker for innovative design in all its aspects. I have had the determination and good fortune to gain extensive professional experience in a variety of design disciplines; Theatre, Fashion, Textile Design, Graphic Design & Branding, Advertising & Marketing, Landscape design and the occasional Website Design, however, my strongest passion is and has always been for Interior Design and the environments we live in.


It is my unwavering credo that fundamentally good design never really goes out of style, regardless of current fashion trends.  If 'the bones' are good, then a change of accessories is all that's really needed to re-enliven a room.  It is entirely possible for something to be functional, practical and beautiful all at the same time.


To those who look at my work and say "I dont see my style" it's because I haven't created it for you yet.  My goal is not to produce the same look twice but to make each project unique and tailored to the needs of one specific client...you.